Hall of Fame

  • Michelle French
    Michelle French
  • Ann Pinkowski Houck
    Ann Pinkowski Houck
  • Amy Claboe
    Amy Claboe
  • Dick Stearns
    Dick Stearns
  • Gayle Poff Ventura
    Gayle Poff Ventura
  • Geoff Loomis
    Geoff Loomis
  • George Philbrook
    George Philbrook
  • John Henry Freeman
    John Henry Freeman
  • Nicole Karr
    Nicole Karr
  • O’Donovan Michael O’Leary
    O’Donovan Michael O’Leary
  • Jason Geis
    Jason Geis
  • Pat Casey
    Pat Casey
  • 1952-1956 Men's Tennis Team
    1952-1956 Men's Tennis Team
  • Brad Clem
    Brad Clem
  • Ken Dayley
    Ken Dayley
  • Joe Etzel
    Joe  Etzel
  • Len Farrell
    Len Farrell
  • Bob Glennen
    Bob Glennen
  • Bill Hatch
    Bill Hatch
  • Bill Krueger
    Bill  Krueger
  • Tom Lampkin
    Tom Lampkin
  • Paul McGinnis
    Paul McGinnis
  • Terry Pollreisz
    Terry  Pollreisz
  • Wes Smith
    Wes Smith
  • Billy Sullivan
    Billy  Sullivan
  • Bob Altenhofen
    Bob Altenhofen
  • Steve Anstett
    Steve Anstett
  • Jim Armstrong
    Jim Armstrong
  • Frank Bosone
    Frank Bosone
  • Darwin Cook
    Darwin Cook
  • Ray Foleen
    Ray Foleen
  • Paul Gloden
    Paul Gloden
  • Leo Grosjacques
    Leo Grosjacques
  • Kristin Hepton Spear
    Kristin Hepton Spear
  • Matthew Houle
    Matthew  Houle
  • Andy Johnson
    Andy Johnson
  • Deanna Lansing
    Deanna Lansing
  • Lorena Legarde
    Lorena Legarde
  • Ann Manning Dalla Gasperina
    Ann Manning Dalla  Gasperina
  • Billy O'Donnell
    Billy  O'Donnell
  • Cincy Powell
    Cincy  Powell
  • Rick Raivio
    Rick Raivio
  • Laura Sale
    Laura  Sale
  • Martha Sheldon
    Martha Sheldon
  • Jose Slaughter
    Jose Slaughter
  • Leonard Williams
    Leonard Williams
  • Karyl Wing Johnson
    Karyl Wing Johnson
  • Jim Winters
    Jim Winters
  • Clive Charles
    Clive Charles
  • John Laplante
    John Laplante
  • Robert "Matty" Matthews
  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy
  • Al Negratti
    Al Negratti
  • Jim "Mush" Torson
  • Women's Cross Country Team 1985
    Women's Cross Country  Team 1985
  • Todd Davis
    Todd Davis
  • Pete Julian
    Pete Julian
  • Clare Krill
    Clare Krill
  • Pat Lydon
    Pat  Lydon
  • Emmett Barrett
    Emmett Barrett
  • John Corcoran
    John Corcoran
  • Elwyn Dunstan
    Elwyn Dunstan
  • Joe Enzler
    Joe  Enzler
  • Bernie Harrington
    Bernie Harrington
  • Del Huntsinger
    Del  Huntsinger
  • Pete Leineweber
    Pete Leineweber
  • Philip Loprinzi
    Philip Loprinzi
  • Frank Maloney
    Frank Maloney
  • Karl McDade
    Karl  McDade
  • Murel Nehl
    Murel Nehl
  • Marty O'Hagan
    Marty O'Hagan
  • Jim Sweeney
    Jim Sweeney
  • Art Westcott
    Art Westcott
  • Bruce Cudd
    Bruce Cudd
  • Jerry Mowlds
    Jerry Mowlds
  • Jim Cosgrove
    Jim Cosgrove
  • Peter Murphy
    Peter Murphy
  • Earle M. Chiles
    Earle M.  Chiles
  • George Lamb
    George  Lamb
  • Harry A. Merlo
    Harry A.  Merlo
  • Mauro Potestio
    Mauro Potestio
  • Rev. Chester Prusynski CSC
    Rev. Chester Prusynski CSC
  • Dr. Arthur Schulte
    Dr. Arthur Schulte
  • Yari Allnutt
    Yari Allnutt
  • Justi Baumgardt-Yamada
    Justi  Baumgardt-Yamada
  • Scott Benedetti
    Scott Benedetti
  • Joey Leonetti
    Joey Leonetti
  • Tiffeny Milbrett
    Tiffeny  Milbrett
  • Jim Tursi
    Jim Tursi
  • Jim Flynn
    Jim Flynn
  • Jack Neer
    Jack Neer
  • Omar Pabst
    Omar Pabst
  • Irene Stupfel
    Irene Stupfel
  • Kat Martinez
    Kat Martinez
  • Roman Borvanov
    Roman Borvanov
  • Jim Dortch
    Jim Dortch
  • Shannon MacMillan
    Shannon MacMillan
  • Wally Panel
    Wally  Panel
  • 2002 Women's Soccer Team
    2002 Women's Soccer  Team
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