Hall of Fame

Joe  Etzel

Joe Etzel

Inducted 1993  • Baseball

  • As a freshman went 5-1 and helped the team to their first NCAA playoff appearance
  • Today holds the record for career winning percentage (.741, 20-7 record overall)
  • Holds the record for second in career earned run average (2.45) and second in fewest career walks allowed (2.18)
  • After teaching and coaching at Central Catholic, Joe returned to the Bluff in 1965 to coach baseball until 1986
  • Won 378 games during his time on the Bluff and earned the title of NorPac coach of the year in 1979
  • Named the University's athletic director in 1970, and among his many honors for service to amateur baseball are the Oregon Amateur Baseball Leader of the Year Award and the Professional Baseball Scouts Merit Award