Hall of Fame

George  Lamb

George Lamb

Inducted 1995  • Meritorious

  • A halfback on the football team, third baseman on the baseball team, and student body president
  • In 1929, he was a member of the University's first four year graduating class
  • Earned a masters degree in economics from Yale University in 1932 and following a teaching fellowship at Michigan began a distinguished career of public and private services
  • While a member of the Roosevelt Administration, he was assistant director of the Bureau of Mines during World War II as well as a representative to the War Production Board, Office of Price Administration, and War Labor Board
  • In 1961 President Kennedy named him director of the Office of Coal research, Department of the Interior
  • For more than 20 years he was an executive with Consolidation Coal Company
  • Became the golf coach in 1976 when the Pilots joined the West Coast Conference and returned golf to varsity status
  • In 1985 his team won the West Coast Conference championship
  • In 1988 he was presented with the George Bertz Golf Award at the Hayward Banquet of Champions
  • Earned an honorary doctorate in 1970 and was the university's 1977 Alumnus of the Year
  • Passed away in 1993, but his estate continued to provide scholarships for golf long after